Georgia Gardner Gray


Drawings on paper, colored pencil, marker, collage on paper, each 29,7 x 21 cm

5 unique works, dated, signed

850 Euro

Georgia Gardner Gray, No Posse, 2017
Georgia Gardner Gray, Head not mad, 2017Georgia Gardner Gray, Prude, 2017Georgia Gardner Gray, Ostalgie, 2017Georgia Gardner Gray, Me Robe, 2017

The figurative paintings of Georgia Gardner Gray (*1988, New York, USA, lives and works in Berlin) stand in the tradition of classical genre painting in which she mostly reflects everyday scenes and current life plans in stylized constellations of figures. She often stages performances in conjunction with her shows that mix trash with high culture. The boundaries between painting and performance are always fluid. By performing together with friends and staging her grotesque, decadent stories, her painting is lent new freedom. Her performances are presented with an ease that conveys to the viewer the notion of attending a play to which no one has to contribute anything.

The five drawings that Gardner Gray produced exclusively for the Kunstverein show bright, colorful, graphic patterns that seem to come from another time. They serve as backgrounds for trenchant messages that were randomly cut out of magazines and pieced together. The seemingly personal slogans remain short of an enunciating subject and appear timeless behind the anonymous magazine cuttings.


2017 Precious Provincials, Kunstverein in Hamburg (E)

Concorde, UKS/Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo (E)

ONDO, Bodega, New York (G)

Monday is a day between Tuesday and Sunday, Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin (G)

2016 Georgia Gardner Gray, Paris Internationale, Paris (E)

Georgia Gardner Gray, Acud macht Neu, Berlin (E)

2015 New Theater: Selected Plays, the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York (G)

The People’s Biennial, New York (G)

2013 Evil Freaks II, NADA, Hudson, New York (G)

Public Sculpture, The Hand, Brooklyn (G)

Apartment Show, Chrystie St., New York (G)

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