Jochen Schmith

Design for a Picnic Blanket (Daydreaming, Do nothing, Sing a lot, Sleep, See places and things), 2017

Pencil on transparent paper, watercolor, each 35 x 25,5 x 3 cm, framed

5 unique works (exclusively for the Kunstverein in Hamburg), dated, signed

1500 Euro

Jochen Schmith, Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke (Sing a lot), 2017
Jochen Schmith, Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke (Do nothing)), 2017Jochen Schmith, Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke (Daydreaming), 2017Jochen Schmith, Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke (Sleep), 2017Jochen Schmith, Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke (See places and things), 2017

The artists’ collective Jochen Schmith (Peter Steckroth, *1973 in Stuttgart / Carola Wagenplast, *1975 in Stuttgart, live and work in Hamburg) explores social rituals and public spaces in its work. Without any moral appeal and in a very precise manner, the institution-critical works reflecting on the market put fundamental processes of value creation up for debate.

The drawings Entwurf für eine Picknickdecke referred to and served as the model for a series of picnic blankets made for the show Jed Martin – The Map is More Interesting Than the Territory, showing cartographic representations of different parks in abstract compositions made of shredded bank notes. The outlined green areas became inaccessible to the public after they were privatized, and spending one’s free time now depends on the goodwill of the owner. The represented garden areas can be read as maps of missed opportunities to establish a community. When parks are privatized, borders are drawn in landscapes, territories are staked off with money, and the right of access to a realized utopia, which the garden is, according to Michel Foucault, is withdrawn from the general public: “[T]he garden is a rug onto which the whole world comes to enact its symbolic perfection, and the rug is a sort of garden that can move across space. The garden is the smallest parcel of the world and then it is the totality of the world.” (Foucault, Michel: Of Other Spaces: Utopias and Heterotopias, 1967). 

Jochen Schmith - Conversation Piece, Drawing Room Hamburg (S)

2016 3 Days of Navigating (Magic Carpet), Index Stockholm (G)
2015 Mütos, Internationales Künstlerhaus Villa Concordia, Bamberg (S)
2014 Present Gifts, VI,VII Oslo (S)

Illusion and Exodus, Open Systems Artslab Wien (G)

2013 Utopie beginnt im Kleinen, 12. Triennale Kleinplastik Fellbach (G)

2012 Deep Cuts, Marres Center for Contemporary Culture, Maastricht (G)

Das kollektive Auge, SUBTE, Montevideo Uruguay (G)

Andere Räume, Bundeskunsthalle Bonn (G)

2011 It’s only Rock ‘n Roll - but we like it, Kunstverein W139, Amsterdam (E)

TEXT-WERKE, Heidelberger Kunstverein (G)

2010 Jochen Schmith, Kunstverein Langenhagen (S)

Vorzeichen (raumsichten), Städtische Galerie Nordhorn (G)

Jochen Schmith. Certain Arrangements, Kunstverein Braunschweig (S)

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