Stefan Vogel

Schauer, 2017

Metal, pencil, paraffin, shower curtain, ca. 210 x 100 cm

Edition of 6 + 2 AP (exclusively for the Kunstverein in Hamburg), certified

700 Euro

Stefan Vogel, Schauer, 2017

Stefan Vogel (*1981 in Fürth, lives and in Leipzig) has created a varied oeuvre consisting of drawings, paintings, sculptural elements, and installation interventions in the past years that constantly vacillate between grand gesture and a meticulous love of details.

Vogel works with entirely unpretentious materials, and this is also true of his edition titled Schauer. A shower curtain with mold stains is hung on the wall in a semicircle in front of an angle made of paraffin. With the selected materials, Vogel typically refers to the alterability in his art that occasionally functions like a small ecosystem. Depending on the ambient temperature, the paraffin slightly changes its consistency, and the mold stains also indicate a biological impact on the plastic curtain. Furthermore, the installation is not purchased fully installed, but must be set up according to the instructions of the artist. This not only leads to minor deviations caused by the individual installation, but also turns the consumer into a producer of art.


2017 was blieb das bleibt, Jahn und Jahn, München (E)

Jed Martin - Die Karte ist interessanter als das Gebiet, Kunstverein in Hamburg (G) New Positions, Art Cologne, Köln (G)

2016 Finite Turn, Galerie Matthias Jahn, München (G)

Die Bekämpfung der Wiederholung mit der Wiederholung, Cascine Park, Florenz (E)

2015 Alles wird gut, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg (E)

La Ligne, Balzer Art Projects, Basel (E)

2014 Treppe, Flasche, Winkel, Projektraum Anne Mundo, Berlin (G)

Anonyme Zeichner, Milchhof Berlin (G)

Alles nichts - oder..., Studio Nihil Baxxter, Berlin (G)

2012 Der rechte Winkel ist Überprofi, Feinkunst Krüger, Hamburg (G)

Knoff Hoff, Baltic Raw - Open Museum, Kunsthalle Hamburg (G)

Index 12, Kunsthaus Hamburg (G)

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