Nina Beier

Tilables, 2015

Offset color print on cardboard, printed ceramic tile 59,4 x 42 cm

50 of an edition of 100 + 10 AP, in various combinations, certified

400,- Euro

Nina Beier, Tilables, 2015

Nina Beier (born 1975 in Denmark, lives and works in Berlin, Germany) combines objects, materials, and motifs from heterogeneous contexts, presenting them in a new, extraordinary, even paradoxical light. Her compositions trace how shifts in time, context and presentation, affect the inherent intention in things, uncovering the various ways mediation mutates information from things to representations and back again. The subject of permanence appears again in ceramic tiles, titled Tileables (2014) which, upon closer inspection, reveal themselves to carry prints of digital renderings of stone textures. These are borrowed from 3D programs to build temporary visions of architectural constructions. Imitations of mass-produced marble, shale stone and plaster work, play on reality and fiction and the obvious representation that is taking place.

2016 Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA (G)
2015 STANDARD (OSLO), Oslo, Norway (S), La Biennale de Lyon, France (G), Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany (S), Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania (S), Metro Pictures, New York, USA (S), Objectif Exhibitions, Antwerp, Belgium (S), Goss Michael Foundation, Dallas, USA (G), Frutta, Rome, Italy (G)
2014 David Roberts Art Foundation, London, UK (S), Proyectos Monclova, Mexico (S), Kunsthaus Glarus, Glarus, Switzerland (S), Preis der Böttcherstraße, Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany (G)


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