Christoph Blawert

Obst, 2015

Fruits: oil on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Unique works, signed, dated

Fruits: 2.000,- Euro

Christoph Blawert, Obst, 2015

Christoph Blawert’s (*1981 in Offenburg, Germany, lives and works in Berlin, Germany) painting resembles an eclectic outline of art history: surrealism meets pointillism, kitsch compares itself with classical still lifes or landscape painting. His works are permeated by references and symbols, bizarre and humorous figures. Blawert stages ambiguity, vacillating between art and entertainment, attitude and style, and juxtaposing little stories with the big well-known and acknowledged ones. His appropriations result in poetically exaggerated depictions. The three paintings, Der Gentleman, Obst and Blumen, are unique works that Blawert created exclusively as an edition for the Kunstverein.

2015 Kunstverein in Hamburg, Germany (S)
2013 Galerie Matthias Jahn, Munich, Germany (G), ph-projects, Berlin, Germany(G)
2012 Produzentengalerie Hamburg, Germany (S), SØR Rusche Sammlung, Werkschauhalle, Leipzig, Germany (G)
2011 Art Cologne, Förderkoje, Cologne, Germany (S)


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