Nautilusservice, 2012

Moritz Altmann

Cup, Porcelain, transparent glazing, 11,5 x 9,5 x 14,5 cm

Edition: 25

40,- Euro

Moritz Altmann Nautilusservice, 2012 Foto: Fred Dott
Moritz Altmann, Nautilusservice, 2012

The ceramics by Moritz Altmann (*1975 in Marburg/Lahn, lives in Munich) are reminiscent of historical porcelain adornment, perfume flasks or goblets. For the Kunstverein in Hamburg he has developed the "Nautilusservice". Its ornamental structure is derived from the shell of the Nautilus, one of the oldest cephalopods having survived for more than 400 million years. In the Renaissance and the Baroque the shells were used for making goblets – a reference point that may well be traced for the "Nautilusservice". Whereas these had not been intended for use, the service by Altmann suggests a more everyday context. Nonetheless the cups, saucers and plates remain artistic objects that oppose minimalistic ideas of use value by way of aesthetic form. The service consists of six cups, saucers, plates and one pot and will be presented successively in the "red room". Pre-order for the full set is nonetheless possible.

Price for non-members: 60,- Euro


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