Walking Coin (seltzer), 2012

Aaron Angell

Glazed ceramic, Diameter: 22 cm

Edition: 10, numbered, signed

250,- Euro

Aaron Angell, Walking Coin (seltzer), 2012

Aaron Angell (*1987 in Kent, lives in London) has internalised the principle of collage and combines a whole range of techniques and influences in his works and exhibitions. He uses collage, ceramics, (wall) painting, video and sculpture and the whole 20th century serves as reference point. This system of exchange that is at work here and the trails of thoughts correspond to the edition for the Kunstverein in Hamburg. "Walking Coin (seltzer)" is reminiscent of the iconic multiple by Martin Kippenberger, which was titled "Kippen Seltzer", and at the same time of archaic exchange systems.

Price for non-members: 350,- Euro


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