11.09.2015, 7 pm


Panel discussion

How have the Internet and digitization changed art, its representation and curatorial practice? Together with Susanne Pfeffer (Kunsthalle Fridericianum), Daniel Keller (artist), Antje Stahl (art critic) and Katja Novitskova (artist) we will discuss questions of today's artistic practice and its historical classification. Furthermore, the meaning of the often debated, affirmative term "Post-Internet-Art" will be subject to negotiation. For the digitally socialized generation, the Internet is part of everyday life and self-evident aspect of artistic practice.   

The ease in using the Internet as a source of artistic inspiration is the starting point, and the main content of the core issues is found in the increasing permeation of digital technology in our society. However, the digital medium itself is not the only focal point, but also the growth of its circulation density and velocity in social media gained a great influence on contemporary production.
So what means the digital and the associated (alleged) dematerialization of content for the production of art?

Johannes Boscher, Tim Geissler (P/ART producers artfair) and Bettina Steinbr├╝gge (Kunstverein in Hamburg) will be in conversation with the guests. In English language. In cooperation with P/ART producers artfair.