Insert 2 – The Israeli Center for Digital Art Holon

24 March - 6 May 2007

Installation view

The Israeli Center for Digital Art was founded by Galit Eilat in the Holon industrial zone on the outskirts of Tel Aviv in 2001. Since then, the Center has mounted exhibitions with politically committed Israeli and international artists working with web-art, video, photography, and animation. In its activities the Center examines the options open to art institutions for reflecting on and responding to the conditions underlying culture and politics.
How can an art institution produce culture, develop a critical stance in the face of violence, terror, autocratic power and governments, and protect the sovereignty of the individual from state repression? National identities and cultural exchange play a significant role in this process.
In addition, exhibitions, conferences, and workshops, both in and outside Israel, examine possibilities for creative communities to interact and collaborate with a view to comparing experiences and subverting regional barriers.