Gesellschaftsbilder. Zeitgenössische Malerei

15 September - 30 December 2007

Installation view Minerva Cuevas

Minerva Cuevas, Caroline von Grone, Eberhard Havekost, Victor Man, Gunter Reski, Wilhelm Sasnal, Dierk Schmidt, Wawrzyniec Tokarski, Corinne Wasmuht und Johannes Wohnseifer

The exhibition Gesellschaftsbilder. Zeitgenössische Malerei (Images of Society. Contemporary Painting) explores the relation of painting to society. To what extent art represents society, or subjects it to documentary treatment are some of the questions raised. To focus on painting, a medium both historically loaded and gravely corrupted by the market place, may at first give cause for surprise. Yet it is the result of a conscious desire to elaborate a counter-model to the widely held view that painting today lacks a socially sanctioned theoretical foundation and that it is not in a position to deal adequately with social, political, and economic themes. Whether easel paintings, murals, or installational arrangements, the works draw their subjects from daily life, science, and politics, often translating them, despite the recognizably non-subjective nature of their contents, into the artists’ sometimes highly subjective worlds, countering the official visual language of the mass media with artistic positions that have a clear social underpinning.