Luis Jacob

12 January - 23 March 2008

Installation view

In the context of his first solo exhibition at a German art institution, Luis Jacob (*1971 in Lima, lives in Toronto) is showing two works that can be read as metaphors for de-hierarchization, coexistence, and universality: Habitat (2005) and Album VI. A habitat in anthropology designates a geographical region as dwelling place or settlement area of a particular population group. Biologically, a habitat considered as a characteristic dwelling place or location may consist of several biotopes. Conversely, a biotope may support several habitats. In this sense the exhibition title references a potential community of individuals living with or alongside each other.
The installation Habitat assembles six spatial compartments that induce visitors to not only contemplate the work but to enter and use it. Album VI comprises a frieze of sheets on the exhibition space walls, each sheet associatively combining a number of photos. In association with the other images a narrative form arises from the photographs—taken from various publications such as news magazines and other journals, art books, encyclopedias—that is distantly related to the original context of the pictures.