Wessen Geschichte

12 January - 23 March 2008

Installation view Gabriel Kuri

Andreas Bunte, Mircea Cantor, Diango Hernández, Andree Korpys/Markus Löffler, Gabriel Kuri, Little Warsaw, Victor Man, Silke Schatz, Haegue Yang

The international group exhibition Wessen Geschichte (Whose (His)Story) brings together works by artists who explore the pasts of their respective home countries in a range of ways. Questions addressed are: How are the different aspects of (auto)biographical and of national significance related? How does public media discourse deal with social, political, and cultural issues of the past today? What role does historical context play in contemporary art production?
The exhibited works reflect problems of collective identity in an era of economic and cultural globalization, exploring the upheavals taking place in Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Individual experience issuing from personal involvement in such processes invariably plays an important role. Whilst a number of the artists no longer live in their home countries, they still sometimes view historical developments they were exposed to in their youth as constitutive of their current work. Apart from their involvement with concrete political situations, the works handle topics that surpass issues of nations and states: interpersonal conflicts, material and abstract ideals, and the need to take the complexity of historical events into account.