Zwischenraum : Space Between

October 16 - November 28, 2010

Cato Løland, Green piece, 2010
Installationsansicht mit / installation view with Julia Horstmann, Nick Evans & Ingrid LønningdalCiara Phillips, Installationsansicht / installation view, Foto / photo: Sabine Vielmo / Kunstverein Alon Levin, The Everything of an Almost Future, 2010 und / and Julia Horstmann, Ohne Titel, 2010, Installationsansicht / installation view, Foto / photo: Sabine Vielmo / Kunstverein  Installationsansicht / installation view, Foto / photo: Sabine Vielmo / KunstvereinIngrid Lonningdal, Installationsansicht / installation view, Foto / photo: Sabine Vielmo / Kunstverein Cato Loland, The Misunderstanding, 2010Cato Loland, We do all need it sometimes, 2010

Oliver Bulas, Nick Evans, Julia Horstmann, Alon Levin, Cato Løland, Ingrid Lønningdal, Ciara Phillips et al.

Last year the Kunstverein Hamburg approached the Hordaland Art Centre in Bergen, SMART Project Space in Amsterdam and SWG3 in Glasgow to participate in a series of meetings in which to jointly develop a program. The outcome of the collaboration so far is an exhibition and a public program taking place at the Kunstverein Hamburg. This agenda aims to let contemporary art be experienced as relevant and lively part in life. Instead of traditional representation in exhibitions, dialogue and exchange, production and process, in short the integration of art in a situational reality is placed in the foreground.

"Zwischenraum : Space Between" is conceived to approach the potential of the exhibition format as a site of production and framework for collaboration. The groundwork for this is the artists to be present. Because without artists no production and without presence no intensive, collaborative dialogue–amongst each other, with the organizing parties, with the members, the artists in the city and the general public. The residency is connected to (but not for) an exhibition at the Kunstverein and a public program over the course of the exhibition. This set-up opens up the possibility of applying the flexibility and the processuality of the art work to the situation of the exhibition.

The overall program, constituted by the residency, the exhibition and the public program, sets out to reflect on production, its means and its necessities. How can it be located in or connected to an institution, in a specific city and how can – as the Kunstverein Hamburg is an exhibition space and therefore publicly visible – an exhibition be shaped to make the process of production tangible? And does not freeze the process; as the exhibition's duty is to mediate art. And this mediation is not in hand-outs to visitors but in the art work itself, in its performative strength.

"Inviting a number of artists to inhabit an art institution for a set amount of time is to invite uncertainty and the unknown into the exhibition space. In omitting any presupposed thematic coherence between the works in this exhibition, we know that the artists' urge to create and participate will become apparent, and art will happen, but at the same time we know we don’t know what creation, participation and works they will make happen. When we use the word “happen”, we do so deliberately, since the exhibition is surrounded by a residency platform which has been part of the process prior to, but still is part of, the exhibition." (Annette Hans, Anne Szefer Karlsen and Jamie Kenyon, curators of the exhibition)

In focusing on and treating processual, dialogical and social situations (be it artist talks, performances, lectures, etc.) equally important, the evolution of dialogue and production hopes to find a visible site at the Kunstverein.

15 October, during the opening
Oliver Bulas Holding something beautiful transitorily

16 October – 19 November
Poster Club Hamburg will develop as collaborative project over the course of the exhibition. Initiated by Ciara Phillips

16 – 24 October
A wooden bicycle against a background of masterpieces
Alon Levin and Mihnea Mircan (independent curator, Bukarest) will pursue their ongoing dialogue next to Alon Levin’s work in the exhibition. The dialogue’s physical or even performative side will generate a growing collection of documents and images which will be re-organized in a publication, like the documentation of a show that was / wasn't.

21 October, 7 pm
Gavin Wade, Lecture on Eastside Projects in Birmingham

28 Oktober, 7 pm
Oliver Bulas Tropical Dances

1 – 11 November
Norwegian artist Cato Løland will process the existing exhibition and spatial situation at the Kunstverein during his short-term residency.

4 November, 7 pm
Sung drafts: Bruno & Michel are smiling with Skipperrr open their studio to the public for one night

11 November, 8:30 pm
SKULPI - A Magazine Presentation with Hella Gerlach, Julia Horstmann and Roman Schramm

18 November , 7 pm
Institute for Colour (Norway) cordially invites everyone to Going-away-Celebrations

25 November, 7 pm
Ina Marie Weber Geschichten des Verfahrens, oder: ‚dass eine absolut seiende Welt ein Nonsens ist’

This project is made possible through funding by Allianz Kulturstiftung, Hamburgische Kulturstiftung, Mondriaan Stichting, Fonds BKVB and Office for Contemporary Art Norway. Supported by Imparat.

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