34th Working Scholarship for Visual Art 2014

I, Too, Wondered Whether I Could Not Sell Something And Succeed In Life.

3 / 24 - 5 / 31 / 2015

Christoph Blawert, »Hohle Geschichte«, 2013, oil on canvas, 150 x 130 cm, Photo: Peter Sander, Courtesy the artist and Produzentengalerie Hamburg
Oliver Bulas, "Invitation Piece 2012“, 2012, performances, Kunstverein Langenhagen / Halle für Kunst Lüneburg - City Center Langenhagen, Basis Frankfurt e.V.Lara Steinemann, "Ballon", 2014, LightJet C-type print, 130 x 190 cmBenjamin Yavuzsoy, »Der Blumenbote«, 2014, video still, 2'30'', Full HD, Courtesy of the artistJoscha Schell, Tasche, Arm, Kerze (Expanding Experiences), 2015, 85 x 53 x 22 cm, Courtesy of the artistJoscha Schell, Tasche, Arm, Kerze (Expanding Experiences), 2015, 85 x 53 x 22 cm, Courtesy of the artistVerena Schöttmer, »Morani u. Objekt Unbekannt«, 2014, print, 126 cm x 63 cm, Photo: André GiesemannBANG!, chemicals, glas, 40cm x 30cm x 30cm, 2013/14 © Katja AuflegerNiklas Hausser, »o.T. (Falter)«, 2014, banknote, Photo: Niklas Hausser, Courtesy of the artistAnna Lena Grau, o.T., 2013, installation, Kunsthaus Essen, 190 x 55 x 100 cm, Photo: Anna Lena Grau, Courtesy of the artist.Christin Kaiser, "Historische Mitte", 2015, series of videos.

Christoph Blawert, Oliver Bulas, Lara Steinemann, Benjamin Yavuzsoy, Joscha Schell, Verena Schöttmer, Katja Aufleger, Niklas Hausser, Anna Lena Grau, Christin Kaiser

One day in 1964, Marcel Broodthaers stacks fifty copies of his recently published book of poems, “Pense-Bête”, embeds them in plaster and exhibits them as a sculpture. The poet decides to be a fine artist from then on. The invitation to his show starts with the words: “I, too, wondered whether I could not sell something and succeed in life.” It is the moment of entering into a new world, whose rules he seeks to understand. Only the one who starts from fiction can approach the real. The uncertain journey serves as a line of flight in the rough dealings of the economy that subjects all (artistic) production, since it addresses the money market to which any young artist feels exposed. In a somnambulistic manner, Marcel Broodthaers switches between media and roles, between worlds and languages, to find his own way. His position is always exceptional and venturesome, setting off to unknown shores – and occasionally disappearing.

Ten young artists who in 2014 received the 34th Hamburger Arbeitsstipendien für bildende Kunst (Working Scholarships for Visual Art) engage with this dictum. The scholarship has been granted annually since 1981 by the Ministry of Culture of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg. The closing event will be held at the Kunstverein in Hamburg in an altered form: Katja Aufleger, Christoph Blawert, Oliver Bulas, Anna Lena Grau, Niklas Hausser, Christin Kaiser, Joscha Schell, Verena Schöttmer, Lara Steinemann, and Benjamin Yavuzsoy will exhibit their works in ten consecutive, one-week solo shows. To delve into the themes and questions of their artistic production in more detail, the scholarship holders have invited guests from the most various fields to present lectures, talks and contributions each Tuesday during the opening evenings. A diverse dialogue will unfold over a period of ten weeks – something to look forward to!

Curated by Bettina Steinbrügge and Nadine Droste.
The exhibition is accompanied by a publication.
In cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


Christoph Blawert
3 / 24, 7pm     
Opening and music
by Taxi Galaxi (Hamburg)

3 / 24 – 3 / 29

Oliver Bulas
3 / 31, 7 pm
Opening and conversation
with Jörn Schafaff (art historian, Berlin)

4 / 1 – 4 / 5
International Congress on Spooky Action at a Distance and the Departure from this Dangerous Age

Lara Steinemann
4 / 7, 7pm
Opening and conversation
with Milan Ther (curator, Frankfurt am Main)

4 / 8 – 4 / 12

Benjamin Yavuzsoy
4 / 14, 7pm
Opening and lecture
by Eike Wittrock (dance scholar, curator, Berlin, Hamburg)

4 / 15 – 4 / 19

Joscha Schell
4 / 21, 7 pm
Opening and conversation
with Jens Franke (filmmaker, Hamburg)

4 / 22 – 4 / 26

Verena Schöttmer
4 / 28, 7pm
Opening and introduction
by Rebekka Seubert (artist, curator, Hamburg)
Sound: Alexander Tsitsigias, Rasmus Engler
(Das Bierbeben, Dirty Dishes, Hamburg)

4 / 29 – 5 / 3

Katja Aufleger

5 / 5, 7pm
Opening and Systemic Constellations

5 / 6 – 5 / 10

Niklas Hausser
5 / 12, 7pm

8.30 pm book presentation ALMA (Philip Gaißer / Niklas Hausser / published by A.K. Lenz)
Reading of Henry David Thoreau's "Lob der Wildnis"(Stephan Benson) and conversation with Dr. Benjamin Bühler (author, Berlin) and Egbert Haneke (artist, Hamburg)

5 / 13 – 5 / 17
Exhibition "Ursa Major"

Anna Lena Grau

5 / 19, 7pm
Opening and introduction
by Nora Sdun (author, gallerist, Hamburg)

5 / 20 – 5 / 24

Christin Kaiser
5 / 26, 7pm
Opening and introduction
by Marenka Krasomil (curator, Berlin, Hamburg)

5 / 27 – 5 / 31
Exhibition “Richtfest”