„LASSO, IS' GUT, FRED!“ – 200 Jahre Aufbau„Lasso, is' gut, Fred!“ – 200 Jahre Aufbau

23. September - 12. November 2017, Opening: 22. September

„LASSO, IS' GUT, FRED!“ – 200 Jahre Aufbau

Each exhibition stands and falls with its installation. The exhibition 200 Jahre Aufbau (200 years of installation) shows how literally this sentence is to be taken. On the occasion of its 200th anniversary, the Kunstverein honors the numerous artists from Hamburg who, through their work behind the scenes, have made the exhibitions at the Kunstverein possible. In addition to their own creative work, the artists of the installation team work as constructors, technicians, and planners in the process of installing an exhibition at the Kunstverein in Hamburg and realize the visual concepts of other artists.

In this project, the installation team reflects on exhibition making from their own special point of view. More often than not, the ideas initially planned in the exhibition set-up cannot be implemented in the available premises. then it’s not only a question of the craftsmanship of the installation team, but also of their many years of experience with the site-specific characteristics of the Kunstverein, their creative skills as well as their ability to comprehend other artist’s ideas and the understanding of complex materials. For an object must be fathomed in its entirety before it can be integrated into an exhibition space. That’s why curators and artists often choose to work closely with the installation team. They value their judgment and draw from their experience.

At first sight, perhaps banal-looking materials from a workshop, such as cable ties or a ladder, are transformed into artefacts that focus on the collective work process of setting up an exhibition. The importance of the process is clearly emphasized. The creative work of the installation, which is constantly changing by new influences and external factors, is consequently done justice by documenting the process itself on video.

We thank the participating artists, whitout whom the work of the Kunstverein would not have been possible:

Marc Böhnke , Rahel Bruns, Rudi Buhr, Baldur Burwitz, Charlotte Chrome, Goesta Diercks, Klaus Erichsen, Filomeno Fusco, Hartmut Gerbsch, Robert Goerß, Ari Goldmann, Martin Hoener, Bernd Jasper, Felix Krebs, Jonas Kolenc Seok Lee, Ida Lennartsson, Uwe Lewitzky, Axel Loytved, Jochen Messer, Marcel Prüfert, Daniel Poller, Tobias Sandberger, Joshua Sassmannshausen, Simon Schede Maike Staats, Tillmann Terbuyken, Tom Thiel.