David Maljković

Almost Here

In his installations, videos and collages, David Maljkovic, (*1973 in Rijeka, lives in Zagreb) engages with aspects of the chequered history of his country. Above all, the far-reaching consequences of the transformation from a communist form of society to a capitalist one, and the associated economic and cultural ramifications, form the subtext of his artistic production. The places to be seen in his works are frequently deserted buildings and monuments from the 1960s and 1970s which impressively reflect the promise of a better future and, simultaneously, because of their ruinous state today, also the melancholy failure of this promise. In their equally futuristic and, from today's perspective, historical architectural language, they are ideal settings for the sometimes confusing and ambiguous actions that are performed by amateur actors in the videos under the artist's direction.
The presentation at Hamburg Kunstverein, David Maljkovic’s first solo exhibition at an institution in Germany, unites the tripartite video series, Scene for New Heritage, in a large, encompassing installation which has been especially conceived.

A catalogue has been published.