Spiralen der Erinnerung

Participating artists: Eleanor Antin, Henning Bohl, Shannon Bool, Michal Budny, André Cadere, Friederike Clever, Ryan Gander, Jack Goldstein, Lutz Krüger, David Lieske, Kalin Lindena, Karolin Meunier, Cady Noland, Seth Price, Hanna Schwarz, Stefan Thater, Jan Timme and Karoline Walther

The group exhibition Spiralen der Erinnerung juxtaposes new works by young artists with work complexes by four protagonists of the 1970s and 1980s, whose influence is highly esteemed in artistic circles, but which are rather marginally positioned in the contemporary art context: Eleanor Antin, André Cadere, Jack Goldstein and Cady Noland.
The title refers both to the function of the exhibition as a vehicle of remembrance, and to the questioning of a purposeful, straightforward art development, as we are familiar with from modernist theories. The selected works clearly refer to questions and the formal repertoire of Modernism, but at the same time relativize some of its essential premises, such as authenticity or the cult of genius, and contradict the notion of progressive progress.

Supported by Kunstfonds, Bonn