This Place is My Place – Begehrte Orte

Participating artists: Yael Bartana, Ursula Biemann, Armin Linke, Dan Perjovschi, Marjetica Potrč, Sean Snyder and Yuk King Tan

The exhibition This Place is My Place – Begehrte Orte (Desired Spaces) combines works by seven international artists who explore the economic, social, political, and cultural impact of globalization. The art projects presented in the exhibition explore, among other things, the impact that transnational corporations have on local cultural and economic systems, and the migratory movements induced by globally operating concerns. Some of the works examine the ways in which architecture and urban planning in the megametropolises have changed, and how this effects the social situation of their inhabitants. The confrontation between cultures and between economic systems is also reflected in those installations that deal with news coverage in the media. The deliberate use of cliché and the manipulation of how events are presented reveal more about the intentions behind film and newspaper reports than about the reality of the events in question. The distinction between fiction and reality collapses in these works to provide a fitting illustration of the equivocal relations that characterize our age.