1.4. –6.8. 2023



THE EDUCATIONAL WEB at Kunstverein in Hamburg aims to generate a dialogue between artistic practice and the educational and pedagogic practices which underpin it. The exhibition hosts eight art schools and educational programmes that define themselves as alternatives to the traditional “art academy”and have established key positions in today’s field of contemporary art. During this four-month period, teaching models and their pedagogic strategies will be subject to inquiry.

THE EDUCATIONAL WEB will include various organisational formats that jointly reflect tendencies of art education–past, present and future–spanning from the active founding of a new “programme”, a curated group exhibition, the “solo exhibition” of an institution-as-subject, group exhibitions by current and former programme participants, as well as social spaces that are designed for discourse and exchange.

Afterall ArtSchool (London, GB)

AGENCY (London, GB)

BPA // Berlin program for artists (Berlin, DE)

Chto Delat School of Emergencies

MASS Alexandria (Alexandria, EG)

Maumaus (Lisbon, PT)

RAW Material Company (Dakar, SN)

SCCA-Tamale (Tamale, GH)

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