Hannah Perry

Hannah Perry, installation view, Künstlerhaus, Halle für Kunst & Medien, Graz, 2018, Photo: Markus Krottendorfer

Hannah Perry

The Kunstverein will host the first institutional Exhibition in Germany of British artist Hannah Perry (b. 1984, Chester; lives and works in London). Perry’s artistic practice encompasses sculpture, installation, video and performance with which she explores personal memory in today’s hyper technological society. The exhibition in Hamburg will present a recent body of work in which Perry addresses coming to terms with pain and loss against the background of the suicide of a close friend of the artist. A pulsating audio-sculpture will form the focal point of the installation. The inside of the curved sculpture is also as a projection display for a 360°-film. Overall, Perry’s exhibition in Hamburg will negotiate the feeling of dissolution in moments of shock by creating intimate situations and environments through the use of sculpture, video and sound, in which the audience is confronted with different phases and strategies of coping with mourning.