Since 1817, the Kunstverein in Hamburg has been dedicated to the presentation and mediation of emerging artistic positions of their time and serves as a platform for constructive discussion about new paths in art. This is the core of our mission statement, which focuses on our task of collaborating with contemporary artists in researching the further development of art. Our job is to react to how the presentation and mediation of artistic practices changes. We have to support new forms of artistic creation and help artists to realize these possibilities. The development of the new digital space KV DIGITAL is intended to promote this goal.

Today digital media are central to how audiences’ access, experience and share art. With technological change, artists are also renewing the technical possibilities of artistic practice. In developing a new digital exhibition space, we want to offer artists the same freedom, support, and recognition that we offer in the production of exhibitions and publications as a physical location, while rethinking how such information is made available and distributed. With regard to future forms of mediation and the ongoing processes of digital transformation, it is essential to expand the boundaries of our institutions and to create another digital / hybrid space as a supplement to the real existing space. This not only enables our targeted audiences to be expanded, but also offers numerous innovative forms of education, with a stronger focus on participation, interaction and communication.

The starting point for the KV DIGITAL research is collaboration with international contemporary artists whose projects are pioneering digital media and who also offer incentives at the educational level. For this we are creating a digital open access architecture, while joining the artists in their research and proposing new approaches to digital communication.

KV DIGITAL is designed for the long term. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to digital programming questions. What we want to create is a learning system that is flexible and can be continuously adapted to the circumstances over the next few years.

Stay tuned!