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On 7 May 2020 the Kunstverein in Hamburg will open again for
Visitors! The current situation around COVID-19 requires a new way of interaction during your exhibition visit. Therefore, we ask you, for your own protection as well as that of your fellow men and our employees, to always act responsibly and to strictly observe the following protective and hygienic measures:

  • If you feel sick and feverish, we ask that you refrain from visiting the Kunstverein in Hamburg for everyone's protection.
  • Please approach the museum ticket desk one at a time and follow the instructions of our staff.
  • Please pay for admission contactless, if possible.
  • Should wait times arise, please wait within the distances marked on the floor.
  • Please wear the recommended mask during your entire stay in the Kunstverein. Disposable masks are also available at the cash desk. Please dispose of them after wearing them and before leaving the building.
  • Please observe the recommended hand hygiene, use the sanitizers we provide wherever possible and avoid needlessly touching objects or surfaces.
  • Use of the elevator is only permitted to visitors who are absolutely dependent on it.
  • Please understand that, at the entrance, we must limit the number of visitors allowed inside the Kunstverein at any given time to 30.
  • Within the premises, please maintain the required distance of at least 1,5 meters to others, including our guards and members of the Kunstverein staff. Please use discretion and caution as you move through the premises.
  • Please place large bags in the lockers.
  • Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to visit our exhibitions in groups or as part of guided tours.
  • Access to the Kunstverein is conditional on full compliance with the measures listed above.

Thank you very much & see you soon!

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