Gabi Dziuba & Mirjam Thomann

As if words meant nothing, 2012

680* Euro

The master goldsmith Gabi Dziuba (* 1954, lives in Berlin) incorporates influences from popular culture, music, fashion and art. She designs objects that have a history of their own, a world away from the mere costly fashion accessory, and redefine the role of the jewellery wearer. Since the late 1980s Gabi Dziuba has frequently collaborated with artists such as Günther Förg, Martin Kippenberger, Hans-Jörg Mayer, Heimo Zobernig and Andreas Hofer. The current edition "As if words meant nothing" has been conceived in collaboration with conceptual artist Mirjam Thomann (*1978 in Wuppertal, lives in Berlin) and can be read as an interrogation as well as an assertion of indignation relating to the role of words. Their collaboration merges two artistic approaches that subtly use words to question the perceptive role of the viewer. The sentence “As if words meant nothing” was originally written on a poster by Mirjam Thomann.