Cordula Ditz

Bernadette, 2010

600* Euro

In her diverse body of work, Cordula Ditz (*1972, lives in Hamburg) puts painting, videos and installations on an equal footing within a common frame of reference. The horror-film genre and the role of the female victim frequently serve as a point of departure for her explorations, in which she uses shifts between various media and identities to shed light on her central theme – the role of women in society and her own role as an artist. Ditz creates film-like settings by juxtaposing video collages and works incorporating neon lights and glass with large-format, abstract paintings featuring titles and texts taken from horror films or slogans of her own. The titles of the three limited-edition works she produced for the Kunstverein are also quotes taken from horror movies that were originally spoken or sung by female characters. Perhaps her most striking and iconic work is "I’M A CLICHE". This neon piece is less an homage to Dan Flavin's brand of minimalism than a formulaic reflection of decentralized mass culture. 

In addition to studying art at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg and the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Cordula Ditz studied Systematic Musicology and Media Studies at the University of Hamburg. She works as an artist, musician and DJ.