Abrie Fourie

Catania to Napoli Ferry, Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy, 2013

1400* Euro

Working mostly in photography and digital media, Abrie Fourie’s medium (*1969 in Pretoria, South Africa, lives and works in Berlin, Germany) is secondary to his concern for the subtle capturing of images of the everyday world. His frame of reference includes places, encounters and sightings in New York, India, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and South Africa. Fourie’s work transcends didacticism, inducing an almost cathartic viewing experience caught somewhere between fact and fiction. Like a "double take" where something unexpected catches the eye, it is at this stage of relooking that Fourie presents the obviously familiar, or the seemingly overlooked. The still moment of a rapt re-engagement appears suspended and prolonged in his serenely simple images. Fourie states that his approach to image making is “not so much defining a place, as circling the relationship between spaces, sign and self; it hints at that silent tension between absence and presence, abstraction and reality.” For the Kunstverein, he decided to produce a work that reflects the specific situation of Hamburg close to the sea while using an image from the south of Italy in order to displace the obvious.

  • Exhibitions:
  • 2015
  • Fried Contemporary, Preotria, Südafrika (E)
    Kunstverein in Hamburg (G)
    Galeria Municipal Almeida Garrett, Porto, Portugal (G)
  • 2014
  • SCAD Atlanta, USA (E)
    1st Cool Capital Biennale 2014, Pretoria, Südafrika (G)
  • 2013
  • SMAC Art Gallery, Kapstadt, Südafrika (E)
    NGBK, Berlin (G)
  • 2012
  • Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (G)