Chris Gilmour

Churches, 2012

350* Euro

British artist Chris Gilmour (* 1973, lives in Udine) works with cardboard, a generally rather stiff material that he forms into details and curves, to copy artefacts true to original. He made life-size wheelchairs, cars, bicycles and typewriters, to name but a few, engaging in a play between lightness and weight, material and size. To construct his objects he traces their outlines on cardboard, cuts them out and subsequently glues them together.

For the edition for Kunstverein in Hamburg Gilmour has used the last packs of cigarettes of a friend who just quit smoking to form small churches that could symbolise the close-to-sacredness of smoking. The artist has already produced five editions and five can be made with cigarette packs that have been self-chosen.

Set of three objects: 1000,- Euro