Klaus Erichsen

Die Linie wird zum Bild, 2010

950* Euro

Klaus Erichsen (* 1942, lives in Hamburg) arranges colours, lines and geometric shapes into compositions that are rich in contrast and not meant to represent specific objects. His paintings are genuinely abstract, and yet they are clearly inspired by nature, its forces, its manifold shapes and excrescences. The process by which they are created can be traced by the beholder and itself becomes an integral part of the work – an aspect that is also alluded to in the title, "Die Linie wird zum Bild" (The Line Becomes Image). As the painting unfolds, the artist has lines meander across the canvas, some running parallel to each other, some intersecting, until they map out grid defining the pictorial space. And yet it is the artist's composition that gives these spatially complex pictures their ultimate form. “This gives rise to pictures of imaginative force and meditative concentration. Alternating between expressive gestures and subtle rhythm, between tranquillity and tension, they become a surface that reflects the mood of the beholder,” as Jürgen Schweinebraden commented in the catalogue accompanying Kunstverein Hamburg’s exhibition Heimspiel in 1990.

Klaus Erichsen completed his artistic training at Werkkunstschule Hannover. His work has been shown in exhibitions at the Landesmuseum Oldenburg and by the Overbeck Society in Lübeck and the Kunstverein Hamburg.