Manuel Graf

Espresso Set, 2012

1000* Euro

Manuel Graf (* 1978, lives in Düsseldorf) unites architecture, film, music and art history in a tightly woven fabric of references. His works often resemble animated still lifes that are usually void of human beings but which still address questions of central importance to humanity. His "Woher kommt die Kunst? Oder: Über die Blüte des Menschen" (2007) looks at the idea of time and the question of how new ideas come into the world – strangely nostalgic ponderings in an age of the constant transfer of ideas, when the original is retreating further and further into the background. Yet his work often only gives a hint of an answer to these questions, presenting just various theories and utopian approaches. The ceramic espresso sets Graf created for the "Red Room" shop in the Kunstverein in Hamburg have a similar approach and are inspired on motives from postcards from the 1970ties and 1980ties, which have the form of lemons and strawberries.