Silke Schatz

Farbstudie Celle, Direktorenwohnhaus nach Otto Haesler 1930 / 31, 2006

900* Euro

The formally distinct drawings, collages and models of Silke Schatz are reminiscent of architectural models and drawing-board sketches but are nonetheless to be distinguished: Rather then being models for the future construction of reality they draw upon a historically charged presence. Schatz’ edition consists of five colour studies of the residential building of Otto Haesler (1880–1962) in Celle which exceed mere technical drawing in their acute colouring. The abstract spatiality of the building endows history and memory with a place for indivual charging which opposes the vanishing point perspective. As in most of her works personal history and relation – Silke Schatz grew up in Celle – forms the starting point for her reflections.