Christian Jankowski

Geliebtes, 2005

3800* Euro

Does a consensus on taste exist? Is there an agreement on what we experience as visually comforting or touching? And if so, do we also agree on how something has to look to emotionally appeal to us? These are the questions Christian Jankowski investigates in his edition. He photographed three of his appointed „icons of taste“ – an animal, a plant and a person – in vertical format and uniform size and asked the staff of the Kunstverein to do the same. This principle, which asks for the participation of others, is key in his artistic practice. The pictures taken by each of the participants where grouped by three but without being traceable back to the author. The result is an array of images that seem to align with the clichée of beauty all to clearly at first sight ( horse, swan, rose, child etc.). At the same time they are obviously subjective and thus strangely personal.