Großes Elend in Jever, 2012

1000* Euro

This year we chose only one artist for the annual editions – Christian Hans Albert Hoosen. He is currently presented with a solo exhibition at Kunstverein Hamburg. For the editions we selected 25 drawings and collages from 2012/13. 

The garish colours and multiple layers of hurriedly sketched motifs and forms create a chaotic visual flurry, the meaning of which is often only revealed after careful study. HOOSEN’s works are full of eccentric characters, wondrous beings, grimacing faces and comic-like figures, and these elements all mingle and intertwine to create wild, self-contained universes.His pieces present an eclectic mix of private worlds and seemingly unremarkable moments from everyday life. The images are a maelstrom of metaphors that hold social conventions up to view and thus open them up for discussion. HOOSEN composes sketches of the human condition that evoke the melancholy of failure and imperfection.His portraits and figures stare vacantly at a world that presents them with nothing but the impossibility of fulfilling their desires.There is often only the hint of a location in these pictures, as Hoosen allows his subjects to dissolve into an imaginary realm. He places them against a surreal, fantastical backdrop, thereby granting them only a real unreality in a world of unreal realities.