Daria Martin

In the Palace, 2000/2006

250* Euro

In the works of Daria Martin elements of theatre, performance and film merge to a bouquet which investigates the relations between individual movement and group dynamic. Frequently it is the different stages and points of inflexion of 20th century theatre and performance that interest the artist. In the Palace is a production still of her homonymous film of 2000 in which a replica of Alberto Giacomettis sculpture The Palace at 4 a.m. (1932) functions as stage design. In this setting a camera circles around nearly motionless figures and constantly produces new views and constellations. The still image is dominated by a woman's profile costumed in 1920s clothing. Her head is graced with a beaked hat, her black, long-armed dresss has a low-cut back and her slender arms and hands hold numerous silver spheres, which underline the surreal glamorous appearance. A all-covering black haze enhances the overall picture of the avant-garde looking women to an image of mysteriousness.