Darren Almond

Latitude Removed…, 2002

400* Euro

In 2002 Darren Almond travelled Antarctica. From this travel a film and a series of photographs resulted, e.g. Latitude removed.... As in his over-sized clock objects and his films shot in real time, time also plays a crucial role in this project. Again and again Almond tackles our abstract system of time as constituted through subjective perception and remembrance. Ever since the artist has been fascinated by the south pole. This place is an extreme in, or rather on the boundaries of, our comprehension of time and geography. The tedious and costly journey already charges the experience of time and space psychologically. Having arrived at the „end of the world“ the accustomed rhythm of day and night as well as the change of seasons are being suspended. The archaic landscape of this „non-place“, seemingly consisting only of ice, water and air, eludes common structuring methods: an extraordinary status which Almond captured in his photographs.