Lily Wittenburg

Ornament, 2009

900* Euro

The drawings of Lily Wittenburg (born 1984, lives in Hamburg) straddle the boundary between figuration and abstraction. Architectural designs and scenes reminiscent of theatre sets devoid of people seem to be floating in a no-man’s land on the white paper. The conspicuous emptiness leaves room for personal associations and memories. A good example is the drawing shown. Entitled "Detroid", it was created exclusively for the Kunstverein’s annual limited editions. The skewed building evokes an open book, implying a host of possible stories. Wittenburg also creates stage-like installations and objects based on her drawings. Her body of work is an ensemble of various practices, in which different means of artistic expression are equally valid.

Lily Wittenburg studied at the  Hochschule für Bildende Künste (HFBK) in Hamburg. She is a member of the international network From-Bee-to-Bee and belongs to the group that runs the Projektraum Hinterconti in Hamburg. One of her installations was shown at the Kunstverein last year as part of the show “Wir nennen es Hamburg” (We Call It Hamburg).