Henrik Håkansson

Sep. 11, 2003 (Falco subbuteo), 2003

80* Euro

The observation of nature and its phenomena, which he transfers into a museum context, is central in the work of Henrik Håkansson. This may be a biotope installed on the roof of an institution from where the life of the inhabitants, insects and other microorganisms, is transmitted through camera and sound in the exhibition space. Or he may play his favourite techno tracks to frogs in the marshes and document their reaction which was in fact that they synchronised their croaking with the beats. Sep. 11, 2003 (Falco subbuteo) assembles nine photographs taken of a flying hobby to a folded poster. The hobby is one of the seldom birds that actually does not only fly out of need but also out of joy. In heights almost invisible for the human eye he is doing his gleeful loops. Taking into account the date on which the longingly photographs of the bird hovering in the middle of nowhere were taken an unbridgeable chiasm looms.