I can’t take it anymore, 2019

300* Euro

To mark the 20-year stage anniversary of the musician and artist Peaches, the Kunstverein in Hamburg presents her first institutional solo exhibition Whose Jizz Is This? Peaches takes a trans-disciplinary and transgressive approach, expanding the format of “the exhibition” by creating a living organism.

At the heart of this presentation are the “Fleshies”, who have renamed themselves as such to rewrite their narrative. The double masturbator, silicone sex aid, reduces the body to holes in a passive state. Rejecting this, the Fleshies discard words like sex toys and Masturbators to break away from humans and human interactions in a quest to find sexual equality amongst themselves. As they work to become a satisfied, self sufficient community, Fleshies decentralise a destructive and narcissistic human world and start a revolution.

With the edition I can't take it anymore, produced exclusively for the Kunstverein in Hamburg, Peaches refers to the stage banner work of the same name from the exhibition and visualizes the desperate moment of the Fleshies wanting to lead a self-determined life.