Supporting Membership

at the Kunstverein in Hamburg

The Kunstverein in Hamburg has a sustaining membership at one’s disposal, the Förderkreis, which financially and in non-material ways supports the Kunstverein and makes a significant contribution to the cultural landscape in Hamburg.
The donation of the Förderkreis enables to realize an ambitious program of exhibitions and events, publications and specific mediating programs. In the center of attention, the regularly events of the Förderkreis concentrate on the personal contact with artists, the attendance of exhibitions and above all the collective reflection of what has been seen. Within a closely circle of patron members, the Förderkreis offers particular travels to international art projects, to trade fairs and as well to previews of the exhibitions in the Kunstverein Hamburg.

With your special support your financial contribution helps us realizing the programmatic line of the Kunstverein. At the same time your interest and dedication is invaluable for us. It would be a pleasure for us, to welcome you as a patron member of the Förderkreis and to create with the help of your contribution the future of the Kunstverein.

Annual fee Single membership: from 300 Euro Family/Dual membership: from 500 Euro
Application for membership