Christoph Meier combines abstract and architectural concepts of the gallery space with a social structure revolving around the narrative and performative potentials of the media involved. Meier’s space is thus also a site of social interaction. His audience becomes part of a real, space-filling, architectural structure.

The publication Christoph Meier – C & O is a result of the collaboration between three different institutions who all have shown and will present solo exhibitions by Christoph Meier until 2018. This exhibition catalogue aims to illuminate the many different aspects, detours and vantage points in Meier's practice, examined in three in-depth articles by Vanessa Joan Müller, Anna Nowak, and Thomas D. Trummer.

Editors: Kunstverein in Hamburg, Casino Luxembourg and KIOSK, Ghent.

The book was published by Mousse Publishing on the occasion of the exhibition Christoph Meier - C & O at the Kunstverein in Hamburg, in 2017 at KIOSK, Ghent and in 2018 at the Casino in Luxembourg.

Contributions: Christoph Meier in conversation with Bettina Steinbrügge, essays by Vanessa Joan Müller, Anna Nowak, Thomas D. Trummer.