Every year, the Kunstverein in Hamburg produces Annual Editions exclusively for its members. These are editions of works by artists who are associated with the Kunstverein in Hamburg nd who have usually also exhibited during the respective year. In this way, our members can acquire outstanding works of art at reasonable prices, and according to the basic idea, are rewarded for their commitment to the Kunstverein. And be careful, attractive editions from the local Kunstverein are often the entry drug for future collectors.

Only members of the Kunstverein in Hamburg may purchase the current editions. Orders by non-members can only be taken into account when a declaration of membership is simultaneously submitted. The prices for the editions are valid for the first year and may possibly be altered thereafter. The editions are then also available for members of other Kunstvereine.

Please order the desired edition(s) using the order form which you can find below each edition. The written order is binding and is directly transmitted to the Kunstverein in Hamburg. Orders by mail or fax are also possible. Orders by phone are not valid. Each member can order only one copy of each edition. In case more orders are placed for an edition than the number of copies, lots will be drawn.

All orders received by the date specified on the invitation will be considered equally for the possible lottery of editions. Orders for editions that are not in the lottery will be processed in the sequence of receipt.

If your order can be taken into account, you will receive an invoice from us that we ask you to settle within 14 days. After receiving the invoice amount on our account, the editions can be collected at the Kunstverein or, if desired, delivered to you by courier on your own account. When collecting the edition, we kindly ask you to arrange a date in advance.

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