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    The Making of Black Panther 2021, 2021


Jacqueline Fraser

The Making of Black Panther 2021, 2021

  • kunstverein-in-hamburg-jaqueline-fraser-the-making-of-black-panther-2021

Jacqueline Fraser is a contemporary New Zealand artist whose work features immersive installations that draw from an array of visual sources such as fashion shows, magazines, music videos and movies.

In Jacqueline Fraser’s ongoing series of works THE MAKING OF…, she proposes fictional remakes of arthouse and Hollywood films. In these, the premise and visual language of a select film is dismantled and reimagined. Fraser re-directs its visual language: by using discarded fabric, torn magazines, party paraphernalia, plastics, veneers, tinsels, overlapping soundtracks and projections, she re-casts, re-scores, and re-costumes the cinematic template as a deconstructed storyboard. Her work THE MAKING OF BLACK PANTHER 2021 works from this premise, constructing an expanded storyboard of the 2018 superhero film Black Panther. In doing so, Fraser draws on signifiers that range in reference—noting fashion, adornment, race, media image, and representation—creating an alternative representation of the film and the media that surround it. Her edition for the Kunstverein draws from her larger installation of the same name, reproducing a collage featuring overlapping images torn from fashion magazines picturing rapper Young Thug, a young male model, and a ghostly masked figure.

  • Exhibition (Selection)
  • 2021

    MAGAZINE, Kunstverein in Hamburg (G)
    The Making of Maria by Callas 2020, Kunsthalle Zürich (S)

  • 2019

    THE MAKING OF DRESSED TO KILL 2019, Bonny Poon Gallery, Paris (S)
    THE MAKING OF LAST TANGO IN PARIS 2019, Bonny Poon, Marseille (S)

  • 2018

    THE MAKING OF IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT 2018, Auckland Art Gallery (S)

  • 2017

    THE MAKING OF THE MOST VIOLENT YEAR 2017, TG Gallery, Nottingham (S)
    THE MAKING OF MISSISSIPPI GRIND 2017, Auckland Art Gallery, Auckland (S)

  • 2005

    Superstars, Kunsthalle Wien (G)

  • 2001

    A PORTRAIT OF THE LOST BOYS << in five parts deftly and six details of straining>>, New Museum, New York (S)

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