This publication presents an overview of Ben Rivers’s work, which as a whole traverses the realm of fictocritical ethnography as he constructs and investigates various utopias, imaginary and otherwise. This book is a result of the collaboration between four different institutions who all have presented solo exhibitions by Ben Rivers. It is thus not an exhibition catalogue per se, but an independent monograph—the first ever made on Rivers’s work—which aims to illuminate the many different aspects, detours and vantage points in Rivers's practice.

With texts by Ed Halter, Robert Pinget, Melissa Gronlund, Mark von Schlegell, Herbert Read, Renee Gladman, Jan Zalasiewicz, Andréa Picard und Henri Michaux

Publisher: Camden Arts Centre, Kunstverein in Hamburg, The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, La Triennale di Milano
Editors: Ben Rivers, Bettina Steinbrügge
Design: Åbäke, Design Intern, Victorien Soufflet
Distribution: Mousse Publishing